What is estate jewellery ?

by Matthew Weldon

We have all heard of antique and vintage jewellery. While there are varying opinions of what constitutes antique the generally accepted rule of thumb is over one hundred years old. Indeed this is the required age for something to be classified as antique in various legal systems, which is important when it comes to importing and exporting.

Vintage is typically something that isn’t antique but does not fall into the contemporary era either. As such can range from twenty up to one hundred years old.

When one speaks of estate jewellery it refers to anything which is not new. That is about the easiest way to describe it.

Estate jewellery however is typically antique or vintage in nature which is where the crossover comes from. It can be contemporary too. Estate jewellery is usually acquired from estate sales or from private sellers.

At Matthew Weldons we specialise in estate jewellery and offer our clients superb value and absolute assurance that what ever piece you are investing in is authentic and will be an heirloom in your family for years to come.

Similarly when selling with us our team of qualified experts works on your behalf to get you the best value for your item.