by Stephen Nutley

It took two years and $5.3 dollars for Cartier to produce the video “L’Odyssée de Cartier”. It shows the Cartier Panther exploring various exotic locations such as Russia, China and India. The filming was however all done it Europe as many of the aforementioned countries will not allow foreign wild animals in.

The Panther is Cartier’s most famous animal, sleek and elegant yet a predator when it needs to be. Often incorporated into Cartier’s Jewellery with wild emerald eyes and other gemstones.

Cartier wanted to apply the same level of detail and impact into this video as it does to it’s jewellery. Cartier jewellery is some of the finest jewellery around, their top end pieces go for millions. Above you an see some of the jewellery with the “Panthère de Cartier”.

Vintage and antique Cartier jewellery is extremely sought after and even harder to get.

We travel the world looking for the right Cartier jewellery at the right price. Always searching for and settling for nothing less than the best pieces.