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Our story begins in 1952, County Tipperary, Ireland. Katherine “Kitten” Pierse shares her unique collection of antique treasures with her friends in her sweet garden chalet, her mother had called 'Courtville.' Her passion and knowledge surrounding these treasures is recognised and soon she had an influx of locals seeking her out for a variety of antique jewels. As demand grows, Kitten’s daughter Grainne assists her. Sourcing these rare and valuable gems for their clientele, a partnership is forged.

1982, Powerscourt Townhouse, a Georgian home at the heart of Dublin city is transformed into a Boutique shopping complex. Grainne believed this charming structure was the next, best step to develop her growing business. Keeping true to her roots, Grainne named her corner jewellery shop, 'Courtville.' Over the next three decades Grainne’s expertise and eye for quality pieces gained an unmatched reputation which has solidified Courtville as an authority in vintage and antique wares.

In 2018, Grainne hands over the reins to another antique enthusiast with a passion for history's curiosities, Matthew Weldon.

Today, Courtville brings a youthful and modern approach to the ancient trade. We are an All-Island company doing antique fairs (to-date) in Cork, Roscommon, Kildare, Sligo, Galway, Limerick, Kilkenny, Waterford, Tipperary, Dublin, Wexford, Wicklow, Offaly, Mayo, Kerry, Clare, Carlow, Meath, Louth and of course in Northern Ireland in Belfast. No matter where you are based or what you are looking for, be it engagement rings, dress rings, fine jewelery, antique jewellery, selling jewellery, earrings or whatever it might be we come somewhere close to you. We aim to get to every county one day!

In the interim we have our digital presence. For the wider international clients Courtville is active on most social media platforms, email and FaceTime to deliver the same high standard of customer service across the globe. 


Matthew Weldon

Matthew Weldon continues today the rich legacy of Courtville, left behind by Kitten and Grainne. The Weldon family tree boasts a rich history of Irish jewellers going back over 135 years. Learning from a young age about the industry from his father, Matthew quickly gained a skilled eye and an appreciation for quality.

Seeking to further his knowledge and expertise Matthew gained a degree in marketing and French which lead to a short career as a chartered accountant. But with such a draw to antique and vintage jewellery it was inevitable that Matthew would continue the family tradition and build a business of his own. Like generations before, Matthew looks for the exceptional, rare and intriguing pieces and always ensuring beauty, quality and fair prices.

With Matthew’s understanding of today’s market, he is determined to deliver a reliable presence both online and in shop. Relationships are the soul of the business, with that in mind Matthew has ensured that our face to face clients receive excellent service and aftercare.


Alyce Ketcher

Alyce has been working with jewels for over 15 years. During her time within the jewellery industry she has worked in Australia, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom and Ireland and gained qualifications through the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (GEM-A).

As a qualified gemologist Alyce is able to use her extensive knowledge of diamonds and gemstones to identify and value jewellery from all periods. Working with antique and vintage jewels is her passion, and you can often find her researching hallmarks, inspecting gemstones or writing about our latest find.




Sara Morley

Sara Morley has been serving clients at Courtville for over 10 years. As a long standing member of the Courtville team, Sara has a vast knowledge of vintage and antique jewels, a passion for exquisite jewellery and a sense of style second to none.

Armed with a keen familiarity of our collection, Sara is able to pair clients with items that become beloved heirlooms and treasured possessions. As a jewellery connoisseur, Sara excels in identifying trends and providing expert advice.






Darcey Skelly

A graduate from NCAD with a degree in Metalwork and Jewellery, and a skilled illustrator, Darcey has a love for all things 80s, including an exceptionally keen eye and discerning taste for fine antique and vintage jewellery.

An experienced antique jewellery advisor at Courtville, Darcey's passion and knowledge in the trade shines through. When she is not chatting with clients, she is thinking of the next design for our annual Courtville jewellery magazine.

Quality jewellery at fair prices: We all deserve a taste of luxury

Throughout the ages rare jewels have captivated and motivated mankind. The most valuable of these pieces are located in vintage and antique jewellery collections. It is the prized period jewels with exclusive designs and the rare quality gemstones that our team of experts acquire. Whether found locally or on the international market, locating, authenticating and valuing vintage and antique jewellery is our specialty. We live, breathe and dream vintage and antique jewellery and delight in bringing our clients the best. It is our mission to find these hidden treasures, and help them to become a part of your unique story at the best possible price.

Client service: We are here for you

We want every jewellery enthusiast to have the chance to view our vast collection of jewels and receive flawless service. To achieve this we are going against the grain, and covering every base to reach our clients locally and internationally. We understand the nature of purchasing that special piece of jewellery, and we want to be there for you every step of the way. Whether you visit us in our small shop in Dublin, browse through our extensive website or even spot your ideal ring on our popular Instagram, we want the experience to be enjoyable and personal. With our entire team connected, we pride ourselves in offering timely, discreet and expert advice when it comes to selecting the perfect item for you or that special someone.

Sustainability: Shop with a clear conscience

Our precious jewellery collection is completely comprised of pre-loved articles. Moving towards a sustainable future means taking meaningful steps towards becoming a carbon neutral company. We are not perfect, but by providing a collection of unique vintage and antique jewellery, it halts the need for additional mining and production which harms our environment. It also reuses a product of outstanding beauty that was created to be an everlasting heirloom.

Expert knowledge: Explore with us

How does one become an expert in the specialised field of antique jewellery and gemstones? We would argue that it is through education, exposure and handling an unprecedented amount of jewellery items. Within our team we have credited gemmologists and diamond graders who have been trained by the elite Gemological Institute of America and the Gemmological Association of Great Britain. In addition to this formal training, our heritage and collective experience within the jewellery industry spans over 130 years, dealing in Ireland and all over the world. With a wealth of knowledge and a passion for jewellery, it is of utmost importance to us that we deliver sound expert advice to our clients, so we can explore our collection together.

Transparency: Clarity and communication

Transparency and honesty in all aspects of our business is what we strive to achieve. Understanding what you are purchasing, its value, how to care for it and its documentation will always be made crystal clear. Our doors are always open for our clients who are seeking advice, or those who require valuations or want to sell an item they have acquired either through their own collecting or through inheritance.