Vintage and Antique Engagement Rings

We understand the sentiment involved in choosing the perfect engagement ring and have acquired a covetable collection of vintage and antique jewels to assist you in making the right choice. From the classic solitaire, to the symbolic three stone, our team are dedicated to bringing you individuality and timeless elegance. With every piece in our collection handcrafted, no two items are alike, ensuring your special moment is symbolised with an engagement ring as unique as you are.


Why do we specialise in these diamonds?

Fast fashion, fast food, fast diamonds. The world is full of diamond manufacturers producing modern round stones to meet the demand for these gems. Our vintage diamonds are in limited supply. You cannot make any more. Period. What is out there are the only ones! We don’t believe in joining the masses and getting a modern mass produced ring, or one that can be 3D CAD’ed again, again and again. We believe in being different.

Your engagement ring, jewellery and diamonds should be as unique as the person wearing them. It should also be bought in a sustainable way. As such we focus on providing a range of unusual, quality vintage and pre-loved diamonds. These diamonds are all individual, and much more beautiful than a modern round stone, not to mention much better value. They are certified just like modern round stones and the quality of them is held to the same standards.

We do also stock modern round brilliant diamonds (you should note that modern round diamonds were cut from about 1919 onwards – so plenty of art deco rings contain these gems) but focus on them in vintage settings.

On a final note when it comes to bang for your buck, you won't go wrong going vintage with Courtville. It is nice to get a deal, for real!