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Rare: Unique: Beautiful Sustainable

Antique and vintage jewellery is one of the rare things that stay with us for a lifetime. Like the planet in which we live. Our jewellery tells a story, we want to make absolutely sure we leave a good story to tell future generations.

These vintage gems are the ultimate sustainable thing you can own. When you think about it the antiques industry has been ahead of the game for generations on reusing and recycling.

What sets us apart

Our packaging

All of our packaging is recyclable and where possible we use recycled options. In addition many parts of our packaging can be reused: ring boxes, pouches and jewellery boxes for example can be used again and again!

Our stock

We only buy pre-loved jewellery with a strong emphasis on rare antique and vintage pieces. Nothing you buy from us is new. While we do have some modern pieces they are preloved and where we do commissions we use recycled gold and gemstones. Dubbed "The worlds greatest diamond source", pre-loved diamonds are a sustainable way to wear and enjoy diamond jewellery. In addition the pieces we sell are really 'keep for life' pieces.

Our processes

Every process we design is thought of from a sustainability point of view. For example, we use an electrical laser solder to do nearly all our workshop jobs, we try to limit our travel, we issue digital valuations and use all power-saving bulbs in our shop.

Our actions

We do sponsor and support a variety of organisations and charities however we work primarily on an 'action-based' sustainability ethos. We reduce what we use, for example for all internal packages we use old packaging. For what we do consume, we are stringent in our recycling. Are we perfect? Of course not and we are constantly trying to improve. We have a standing point of business in our monthly management meetings to review and enhance our sustainability actions. Our philosopy is there is no point donating to save the forests if you are consuming so much that you are cutting down the trees, so our own actions are paramount. 

Our people

Each and every team member who joins Courtville shares this same ethos and these values and are actively encouraged and supported by management to be a leader in sustainability and conservation, in both their daily lives and in educating others and promoting these values.

It is all about action

As mentioned above while we do believe our actions are the most important aspect of what we do we also do support a limited number of selected charities.


World Rainforest Trust - Saving over 26m acres of rainforest

WWF -We are a partner in conservation with the WWF

So antique and vintage jewellery is rare, beautiful, unique and sustainable: With no mining or costs of labour to make: did we mention that antique and vintage jewellery will also nab you a bargain?