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A classic piece of jewellery originating from 1800’s pocket watches. A long T shaped bar was used to hold pocket watches in place by treading the long arms through a buttonhole. After wrist watches gained popularity these watch chains began to be won as necklaces.  

Table cut

A style of gem cutting with a flat top.

Target ring

An Art Deco style of ring that are designed with the pattern of a target or bullseye. A central stone is encircled by smaller stones of a different colour.


A jewelled head ornament which does not encircle the entire head but perches on top with decorations to the front.


The colour of a coat of arms used in heraldry. 

Toi et moi

Meaning ‘ you and me’ in french. This style of ring comprises two gemstones sitting side by side on a band representing the meeting of two lovers. The style originates in 1796 when Napoleon Bonapart proposed to Josephine de Beauharanis with the first Toi et Moi ring.


A metal collar or neck ring worn in Bronze and Iron age Europe.


Decorative twist made of multiple strands.


Swirl. A style of ring where the shoulders of the ring twist around a central stone. 

Trinity ring

Originally invented by Cartier in 1924, a trinity ring consists of 3 interwoven rings. It is meant to symbolise fidelity, friendship and love.