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Safely chain

A thin chain that attaches the clasps of a bracelet or necklace together so that if the regular clasps come undone, the piece of jewellery won't be lost.


A reddish brown variety of quartz. Similar to cornelian although darker in colour. 


A long chain sometimes with a pendant or tassel at the bottom.


An Egyptian amulet shaped like a dung beetle worn to symbolize birth , life ,death and resurrection. The flat underside of the ambulate was often inscribed. 


Similar to the scarab although the upper side is shaped as an animal or good luck symbol. 


A carved hardstone which holds the signature or monogram of the owner and was used to imprint wax on letters or other documentation. Usually set on signet rings or on a fob chain.

Seed pearl

A very small pearl.  Often irregular in shape. 


The band of a ring.


A Japanese copper and silver alloy. Dark in colour.


A precious metal which is grey-white in colour. 

Simulant gemstone

A stone that looks visually similar to a precious stone but has a very different chemical composition.


A gemstone that can come in many colours but is often seen in deep reds.

St. Bridget's Cross

A cross traditionally woven from rushes. This cross has a woven square in the centre and four arms which are tied at the ends. The St.Brigid's day crosses are made to mark the beginning of spring and would have been hung above doors to protect a home.

St. Christopher

The patron saint of travellers. Often on medals worn on necklaces and brooches.


Devant de corsage. A large piece of triangular jewellery won on the centre panel of the bodice of a dress which extends from bust to waist. 


An activist group in the early 20th century who fought for women's right to vote. 


A set of jewellery  designed to be worn together.


A draped necklace with foliage motifs including fruits, flowers and leaves. 

Synthetic Gemstone

A lab grown stone.