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Objet de Vertu

Small objects of artistic quality. Often used by the wealthy in the 18th century. Often made of precious metal and embellished. 

Old European cut

A cut of diamond popular from 1890 to 1930 in Europe. These gems were hand cut with high crown and small table which allows for a disbursement of light which creates a ‘fire’ rather than brilliance. This ‘fire’ is a multicoloured flash of light from within the stone.

Old Mine Cut

An antique cut of diamonds. A cushion shaped cut with a high crown, deep pavilion, small table with 58 facets. Old mine cuts were cut by hand. 

Opera chain

A long necklace which can be worn as a single strand or doubled to create a two strand necklace.

Optical phenomenon

A stone with a specific structure, inclusion or properties that interact with light creating an unusual visual effect. These include ; adularescence, play of colour, iridescence, asterism, chatoyancy, colour change and labradorescence.

Opus interrasile

Intricate style of decoration created by piercing patterns in sheet gold.