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Makers Mark

A signature of craftsmen. 


A geological term referring to the host rock on which  mineral is contained.


A texture on metal that is created by forming tiny abrasions on the top layer to create a finish that is without gloss or lustre.

Memento Mori

Latin for remember that you must die.  A symbol which intends to remind the viewer of their mortality. Common motifs include skulls, hourglasses and wilting flowers.


Decorative glasswork technique meaning a thousand flowers. Long coloured glass rods fused together and cut in cross sections to create small tesserae.


A substitute for an evening bag originally designed by Van Cleef & Arples for Mrs. Florence J. Gould in 1930. Usually made out of plated metal and embellished.


Hebrew for watchtower. In the Victorian era jewellery engraved with Mizpah became popular and was given as a token of love or friendship.

Mohs Scale

A scale used to rank gems and mineral hardness on a scale from 1 to 10, where diamonds are 10 and talc is 1. 


The decoration of a surface using small stones, tiles or glass to create an image or pattern.

Muff Chain

A long chain that was worn around the neck and attached to muff (a fur cylinder used to keep hands warm).