Mad Men Jewellery - The Jewellery Face of the 1960's

by Stephen Nutley

When we think of the 1960s, we tend to think of hippie fashion and flower power, but it was also the era of Mad Men style. The hugely popular television series shown a spotlight on an aspect of that era that had been long overlooked. Mad Men focused on the world of advertising; the term ‘man men’ is a play on Madison Avenue, the New York City street famous for housing ad agencies. Watching the fashions on display was as intriguing as following the plotlines during the show’s seven seasons.

The segment of society portrayed in the show never abandoned the previous era’s clean lines and candy-shop colour palette. Baby-soft blues, poppy reds and verdant greens were regulars. And anyone looking to add a touch of Mad Men style to their own look can find 1960s jewellery in Dublin jewellery stores to add just the right accent.

The 1960s jewellery in Mad Men wasn’t usually bling. Pearls were popular. Of course, pearls will always be popular. The Mad Men jewellery was fun or elegant, and the colour was always spot on. While modern jewellery is often focused on design and the choice of metal, mad men jewellery such as vintage rings, brooches, necklaces and earrings often showcased a colour that accented the wearer’s outfit.


Focusing on specific colours can help you build a collection of Mad Men jewellery. Aquamarine was a popular colour in the 1960s and, happily, many vintage rings feature this gemstone. Think of Betty’s stunning suite of aquamarine gown, wrap and dangling earrings worn with her hair up, or Peggy’s beautiful cocktail dress in tealAquamarine vintage rings are the right touch for formal or casual Mad Men style looks.

Ruby vintage rings, necklaces and brooches are perfect if you share the period’s love of bright poppy red. Joan often had touches of vibrant red in her outfits, and as Peggy rose through the ranks to become a copywriter, her colour palette shifted a bit from pastels to stronger colours including ruby red.

Shape and style also matter. The Mad Men look owes as much to the ‘50s as it does to the ‘60s, the period when the story unfolded. The vintage rings of this period often feature one colourful gemstone surrounded by diamonds. The look is very moderate in size. Jewellery is not dainty, nor is it oversized. While some pieces, particularly earrings and necklaces, are large, they are not huge. They only seem large compared to the very small, dainty styles that followed them.

Not all Dublin jewellery stores carry the 1960s vintage rings, necklaces, earrings and brooches to create your Man Men style look. If you are looking for authentic vintage jewellery, patience and perseverance will pay off. As we select unique pieces, we often see our supply change – which in return allows us to offer you a dazzling variety of styles and exclusive items. Don’t forget to check back regularly.