Choosing a meaningful Gemstone engagement ring

by Stephen Nutley

Every vintage engagement ring has a story behind it, rich in meaning. And that’s perfect for one of the most meaningful rings anyone will ever wear. Diamond ringsare traditional for engagements, but they aren’t the only option. Ruby rings, emerald rings and sapphire rings are beautiful, colourful options. In addition to the symbolism of the design of the antique engagement ring you choose, every gemstone carries a meaning too. If you’re looking for a vintage or antique engagement ring, why not choose one with a gemstone that expresses something about your relationship and your hopes for your future together?


Cleopatra’s love of emeralds is legendary, and the oldest known emerald mines are in Egypt. The ancient Egyptians and ancient Greeks both believed that gazing at emeralds could heal diseases of the eye. In many ancient cultures, emeralds and the colour green were associated with nature, good health, fertility and a bountiful harvest. John F. Kennedy proposed to Jacqueline Bouvier with a stunning diamond and emerald ring. Emerald is the birthstone for May, so a vintage engagement ring with this gem is perfect for women born in that month.


In western culture, red is the colour of love and passion, and in many Asian cultures, rubies were believed to bring good luck. Noblemen wore rubies and used them to decorate their weapons. How handy for them that rubies are second only to diamonds in toughness! They are a good choice for everyday wear, and that is why you see such excellent rubies in so many antique engagement rings. Ashlee Simpson famously wears an Edwardian style ruby engagement ring, and her sister Jessica’s fiancé also proposed with a ruby ring. Sarah Ferguson reported wore her ruby engagement ring for years after her divorce from Prince Andrew. Ruby is the birthstone for July.


Hearts around the world melted a bit when Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with his late mother’s famous sapphire ring. It’s probably the most famous vintage engagement ring around, but hardly the only one to feature a stunning sapphire. This lovely blue stone represents sincerity, loyalty and steadfastness, the perfect message for a vintage engagement ring. Sapphire is as hard as ruby, so even antique engagement rings with this stone have a long life ahead of them. Napoleon proposed to Josephine with a diamond and sapphire ring in 1795, and that ring still looked stunning when it last sold, in 2013, for nearly a million US dollars. This beautiful blue gem is the birthstone for September.


So many factors go into choosing the perfect engagement ring, whether it is antique, vintage or new. Colour is a big part of it. Diamonds are a classic choice, but pairing them with a gemstone really makes the ring stand out. A vintage or antique engagement with a colourful gemstone really will be a very special choice that turns heads.