Client Service

Sourcing Philosophy 

We source every single one of our pieces individually. Matthew Weldon is our buyer and every piece gets assessed and scrutinsed by his keen eye. His great grandfather was known as the best judge of gems in Ireland and Matthew hopes to be able to emulate this feat. We go to house clearances and private sales all over the world hunting for rare and special things. We also buy substantial amounts of our pieces from the public. So if you have anything you are considering selling go to the “sell with us” page and follow the steps. We will then reach out to you.


In a world of fast fashion, fast food and flat pack furniture and a flight to digital selling we are going against the grain. We are opening a small shop. With the same friendly faces, a phone that we answer and a personal service. We all have childhood memories of going into a small shop and dealing with the friendly staff and this immersive retail experience is not only the best way to get what you want and good value but it also something we want our children to be able to experience. It fills us with dread that the next generation might only be able to shop at souless multi-nationals or online. 

Size & Alterations

Almost all our rings can be sized to fit most finger sizes. You just have to indicate in the notes of the order what finger size you require. We work with the best bench jeweller around. Period. We are serious about quality work. Especially with our pieces it requires a skilled jeweller used to working with high value and supremely crafted goods to do the right job. More importantly we really want you to get a piece that where any work done is done to a superb standard. As such please note that if any item purchased from us is worked on elsewhere we do not work on that piece again and we can no longer stand over the item in question. Thats why if you ever need anything done with something from us we always recommend coming back to us first so the best can work on it.  For similar reasons we do not work on pieces from other places.

Prefer a ring with a different colour band ? With many of our pieces we can also make minor alterations to them. For example if you see a ring with a yellow gold band but you would prefer the band to be rose gold usually that is something we can do. We do this on a case by case basis. Just drop us and email and let us know.

What size ring should I go for ?

Contact us for advice on which size to go for. Failing this go for size US 7 or UK N. This is the most common size. No method is perfect other then coming into us and assessing the ring on the hand. Again remember that if the ring is sized by someone other than oursleves unfortunately we can no longer bear any responsibility for the item as we just don’t know what standard the work was – so if you ever need your the size adjusted on your ring (or any work done on a piece of our jewellery we encourage you to come back to us first)

What is the difference between antique, vintage, estate and vintage inspired  ?

There is no hard and fast rule here but generally when we speak about antiques they are pieces over 100 years old. Vintage pieces or anything from the 1920’s until the 1990’s. Estate jewellery can be antique or vintage or modern. It means any jewellery that is not new – usually purchased from an estate sale. Vintage style is something which is born out of the inspiration of an older piece but is quite new.


We take authenticity very seriously here at Courtviile. We work with gemologists, authenticators and have almost 130 years of experience in the family regarding fine jewellery and luxury goods. So you can be sure the item you are getting is authentic. 

Courtville Keepers

Sign up for an account with us and opt into the Courtville Keepers group. There are lots of benefits in being a member inlcuding advance looks at our latest finds, invites to our events, access to a secret instagram group to name but a few of the benefits. Who doesnt want to be part of an insider group ? 

Our digital presence  

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 Caring for your jewellery

All jewellery items old or new require care and attention as does all silver and objets. Please follow the list below for how to best care for your pieces.

  • For our gold jewellery use a 100% cotton cloth to maintain your jewellery’s shine
  • When it comes to diamonds, sapphire and rubies use a a soft bristled tooth brush ( usually these are childrens toothbrushes) and a cup of luke warm water and gently rub the piece. Swirl it gently in the water to remove debris then repeat if necessary.
  • Any white gold and platinum rings that come from us can be replated for a nominal fee. It is not necessary but is at the discretion of the client.
  • If your piece gets damaged or broken please let us know. No jewellery should languish in the jewellery box or the back of the safe.

Environmental Policy and Sustainability

We strive to be a carbon neutral company.

We specialise in pre-owned jewellery and objets. These can be second, third, fourth, fifth hand and maybe more for some of our antique items. They were made a long time ago and are not remade. So by going vintage no only will you be getting something unique and special you will also be buying jewellery in a sustainable way and doing your bit for the environment. Recycle, reuse, repeat.

Conflict Free Shopping

Conflict diamonds relate to certain diamonds from some African countries mainly during the 1980's and 1990's. As we specialise in antique and vintage pieces our pieces come from before this time and so don't fall into this bracket so you will be shopping conflict free with us !

Terms and conditons 

We are very reasonable to deal with and here are a full terms

Terms and Conditions